Publishing Advisory Services

Publishing Advisory Services

Expert publishing advisory services for business authors who want to make an impact

If you’re a business author looking to develop, shape and present your ideas; write a compelling book proposal to maximise your chances of winning a publishing contract; and write the best book you can to do full justice to your idea and to your professional credibility, I can help. The services I offer my clients combine consulting, coaching, and a sharing of the expert knowledge I’ve garnered through nearly 20 years’ experience of the publishing business. I take a challenging but supportive approach to help authors achieve their goals, reach the highest standards they can and make the impact they want.

My advisory services include:

The reason I recommend Liz to all of my clients wanting to write a book is very simple. She is the 'real deal' and knows the business book publishing world inside out. As well as her deep expertise, Liz is very warm and approachable. She will always tell you honestly what she thinks, but in a way which helps you take the right action for you personally.

Heather Townsend,
Award-winning author, speaker and coach, voted top 50 influencer on social media for finance and business by Economia Magazine

Kickstart your business book idea: how to shape your idea and navigate the publishing landscape

Liz has been a great help, going over and above what was expected. She was creative, and has a wealth of knowledge about the publishing industry. Quite frankly, everyone keen on being published must have Liz as a key person in their team.

Carl Reader,
Director, Franchise Surgery Ltd, and Director, D&T Financial

Fast, expert feedback on your publishing idea to help you develop an effective plan of action. Constructive advice in a focused discussion to help you decide on your next steps, whether you want to secure a contract with a traditional publishing house or are considering self-publishing.

This service will help if you are an aspiring business author:

  • Looking for fast, expert feedback on your publishing idea
  • Need guidance on how the publishing world works to help you formulate a plan of action that is best placed to deliver what you’re looking for
  • Want an objective, professionally informed and challenging sounding board for your book idea
  • Need to decide whether to try to secure a contract with a traditional publishing house or whether (and how) to self-publish

Expert proposal review: make sure your idea is pitch perfect before approaching publishers

I recently used Liz to help me pull together a proposal for a technical book that I am going to write. Her input was of really high value in helping me understand what a potential publisher is looking for. She managed to provide her feedback with just the right balance of challenge and support. I would highly recommend her service.

Tony Llewellyn,
Owner, Project Team Coaching

A personal, objective and honest review of your book proposal, providing constructive criticism, and suggestions for improvements to help you shape and present your ideas in a compelling way. Enables you to make your pitch as powerful as possible before you submit it to potential publishers.

This service will help if you are a business author:

  • Looking for fast, expert feedback on your publishing idea or draft proposal
  • Want to secure a contract with a traditional publisher
  • Need guidance on how to improve your proposal and your book structure as an underpinning for a better book

Bespoke advisory services

From her wide and deep industry experience, Liz was able to help me at all stages, from identifying target publishing houses, to proposal structure/drafts, to preparing for meetings, negotiations and contract. She steered me away from the errors of inexperience and was notably respectful of author wishes and psychology during the project. With her help, I landed the book deal with only my fourth pitch. I contracted with my dream publisher and my book is now launched.

Martin Tate FBCS,
Decision Evaluation Ltd

For authors who want more than a one-off consultation or critique, I offer bespoke, flexible packages of ongoing advice, feedback and support.

Drawing on my extensive experience on the ‘buy side’, I can help you maximise your chances of winning an offer from a suitable publisher by helping you formulate a proposal outline that offers exactly what publishers need to see. I can help you identify target publishers to approach. I can support you through the writing process by giving you constructive, professional feedback on your book content, style and structure as you write each chapter. Bespoke services are tailored to your specific needs but generally include a combination of one-to-one advisory meetings held by Skype/phone/in person and written feedback on your draft proposal document and/or your draft chapters.

This service is suitable for you if you:

  • Want to maximise your professional and personal gains from writing your book
  • Want to secure a publishing contract from a traditional publisher
  • Want to ensure your book meets the needs of your target market
  • Want to be held accountable to your writing deadlines
  • Are seeking objective, professionally informed and challenging feedback to improve your writing
  • Are self-publishing your book and want to ensure it delivers on your objectives
  • Already have a contract with a traditional publisher and want your manuscript to be the best it can be before you submit it

Liz has a deep understanding of business publishing. Not only is she technically excellent, she knows what will sell. I recommend her without hesitation.

Stephen Newton,
Managing Director, DLO Development and author of The Professional's Guide to Business Development, Success as a Coach, The Invasion Game and Grow the Bottom Line

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