Coach Training

Coach Training

If you’ve ever wanted to be a business coach, Meyler Campbell is a great place to start!

Meyler Campbell trains and develops senior business people to coach in demanding contexts. It combines a rigorous theoretical underpinning with a grounded, practical approach and hosts Europe’s most dynamic learning community for business coaches and leaders. In common with all my colleagues in The Alliance, I am a graduate of its flagship Business Coach Programme and am now proud to sit on the Meyler Campbell Faculty and to work as a Tutor, training people to coach.

For me it is both a thrill and a privilege to work alongside experienced business people as they learn the approaches, theories and above all the mindset of coaching. It is a learning journey for me as much as it is for them.

If you are interested in training at Meyler Campbell, the best first step is to read the Financial Times Guide to Business Coaching , written by Meyler Campbell’s Founder and Managing Director Anne Scoular (full disclosure – I commissioned this book while working at Pearson and publishing it is what led me to coaching in the first place!) and then to contact Meyler Campbell’s Programme Manager.

Meyler CampbellInstitute of Coaching is accredited by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC), the World Association of Business Coaches (WABC) and the Association for Coaching and is the first UK Gold Sponsor of the Institute of Coaching Professional Association of Coaching (ICPA), at McLean Hospital, a Harvard Medical School affiliate.

Meyler Campbell offers:

  • The Business Coach Programme – the UK’s premier business coach training programme for individuals, bringing together Tutors and participants from business, professional services and the public sector. It consists of a series of eight Tutorials, mixing taught content, discussion and practical tools with coaching practice, observation and feedback. Between each Tutorial it incorporates coaching with practice clients, tightly-focused reading, reflective exercises and individual coaching supervision.
  • The Engaging Leadership Programme – a tailored, selective, in-organisation leadership capability-building programme. It works through a combination of formal teaching, independent and supervised practice and embedded on-the-job application, learning and experimentation.
  • Continuing Professional Development – an unsurpassed annual programme of events designed to keep business coaches at the top of their game and in touch with the latest thinking, tools and research. As well as the learning they offer, these events present a lively networking opportunity, highly valued by their regular attendees.

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