Developing Leaders/Executive Coaching

Would you like to take your own performance, or that of your team or organization, to the next level? Do you want to be at your best more of the time? I can help you become fully energised and motivated to meet your goals; develop your personal style and impact as a leader; and boost the collective strengths of your leadership team.

Train to be an Executive Coach

If you’ve ever wanted to be a business coach, Meyler Campbell is a great place to start! Its flagship Business Coach Programme is tailored for senior leaders and ambitious professionals who want to learn coaching skills. I am proud to sit on the Meyler Campbell Faculty and to work as a Tutor with a thrilling range of dynamic individuals.

Maternity Coaching

Are you a professional woman going through this critical life transition? Find your own solutions to succeed in your career and achieve the balance you want.

Developing Leaders/Executive Coaching

Executive coaching that takes your own performance, or that of your team or organization, to the next level.  Learn more ›

Coach Training

Train to be a business coach with Meyler Campbell, the leading provider of coach training for senior business people.  Learn more ›

Maternity Group Coaching

If you’re pregnant, currently on maternity leave or have recently returned to work, my maternity coaching groups will give you a supportive, non-judgmental space in which to discuss the professional and personal issues you’re facing in this critical (joyful yet challenging!) transition.  Learn more ›

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