About me

Change for the better – in executive coaching, leadership & team development, coach training

Liz GoosterA Cambridge graduate with a PhD from UCL and an MSc in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology, Liz’s previous professional background is in publishing by profession. Starting out and progressing through several production and editorial roles at Hodder, she then worked as a Commissioning Editor at Routledge before moving to market-leading education company Pearson as Publisher in 2005.

At Pearson she led the turnaround of the Financial Times Prentice Hall (now FT Publishing) business book list from decline to award-winning new talent-led growth. Her last in-house role was as Editor-at-Large at Kogan Page and altogether she has published over 250 business books.

Liz now enjoys a flourishing portfolio career running her own coaching practice and serving as Faculty member and Tutor of leading coach training provider Meyler Campbell.

Thriving on change herself, she is committed to working with clients to help them change for the better, whatever their goals. Her newest service offering is maternity group coaching to help working women adapt to one of the biggest changes of all – having a baby!

Outside work she is an adventurous traveller and a keen writer, and combines both interests in her travel blog. She also loves books, food, wine, coffee and the arts. Liz lives in Cambridge with her husband and five year-old daughter.

My Story

I like to describe myself as happily ‘At Large’ in an independent portfolio career, balancing executive coaching, maternity coaching and leadership development with coach training and team development. In all aspects of my work, my aim is to help people, teams and organisations change for the better, taking a positive, supportive and energetic approach, warmly seasoned with appropriate challenge. My approach is captured in my own SPACE to Grow framework, developed to help people flourish. My clients are successful, ambitious people and businesses looking to make real steps forward and lasting changes. I relish working with people to help them build on and develop their strengths and make positive transformations and fast progress towards their goals, whether in business or coaching.

Change is something I thrive on and my current career reflects several key transitions. Joining Pearson was a critical turning point for me, as it brought together my enjoyment of working in a creative industry and my need for a direct engagement with the commercial grittiness of business. Being Publisher of the FTPH professional business list combined my love of business, people and learning in the perfect storm of a job. For many years, this was my dream role. But I hadn’t reckoned on the life-changing experience that publishing Anne Scoular’s Financial Times Guide to Business Coaching would become! Returning from a six month career sabbatical in South America, I enrolled on the Meyler Campbell Business Coaching Programme – and totally loved it. The course prompted a rethink of how I wanted to run my life and ultimately was the catalyst for the stimulating portfolio career I’m now pursuing.

Outside work, travelling, adventure and writing are big passions of mine. My current pet project is Round the World in 100 Countries, which you can read about on my travel blog. I am also keen on Zumba, Kettlebells workouts and trekking, at least partly in an effort to counteract the effects of my enthusiasm for fine food and wine! For balance, I practice mindfulness and yoga.

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions, or if there is something you think I can help you with, please get in touch – I’d love to hear from you! I also invite you to connect with me by subscribing to my regular(ish!) newsletter, Positive Intentions